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Shitenhoji Chuu

Damn Osaka hippies.

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s h i t e n h o j i . c h u u

Welcome to the community dedicated to Shitenhoji Chuu, the Kansai region rival school from the Tennis no Ohjisama manga and special OVA series. We're all hippies here.

This community is open minded, as long as the main topic remains on Shitenhoji members. Meaning, it's perfectly okay to post yaoi/het/gen and innerschool/interschool fanworks, as long as it makes sense to be posted in a place called shitenhoji, not some_other_school. ;P


  ↘ Chitose Senri
  ↘ Ishida Gin
  ↘ Konjiki Koharu
  ↘ Hitouji Yuuji
  ↘ Oshitari Kenya
  ↘ Shiraishi Kuranosuke (captain)
  ↘ Tooyama Kintarou
  ↘ Watanabe Osamu (coach)
  ↘ Zaizen Hikaru
  ↘ Koshikawa Kenjirou (vice-captain)


1. Please avoid introductory posts unless you have something useful to say along with "hi", so we can keep the comm uncluttered.

2. Feed the fangirls! share your fic, art, caps, scans, opinions, theories, fangirling, whatever.

3. LJ-cut all spoilers, plus images wider than 300 pixels.

4. DO NOT repost fanart to this community without the artist's express permission.

5. Lock all media posts. This includes MP3s, doujinshi, etc.

6. Have fun. Don't be an ass. That's it. :D